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Professional Installation by a Viasat Technician

Viasat Installation is quick & easy!

Professional Installation!Viasat internet service is FAST! And so is our QUICK & EASY professional installation. Once you complete your order, we can have one of our trained & certified Viasat technicians out to install your equipment in just 2–3 business days — at a time that is convenient for you.

Viasat Installation Process:

Viasat Installation ProcessWhen you sign up for your Viasat internet service, we will schedule your installation date usually within 2–3 business days with one of our our certified Viasat technicians. Your installer will arrive with all your NEW equipment, including your Viasat satellite DISH receiver and WiFi Modem. All equipment is professionaly installed by a Viasat-authorized technician.

Viasat will install a satellite antenna at your home similar to those used for satellite TV service. Your Viasat technician will ground the dish to ensure safety and protect the system.Your technician will test to make sure you are receiving a clear, strong connection to our satellite for the best service possible. Viasat service works fastest when your computer is hooked up directly to your new Viasat WiFi Gateway Modem, so that is the way our installer will set you up. If you want to create a wireless network in your home to use multiple devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, you have the option of using your own wireless router into the Viasat modem, or using the Viasat WiFi Gateway Modem, which includes a built-in-WiFi router.

Once the installer has completed your installation, you will use your new Viasat service to review and sign your Viasat’s online customer agreement. If you can’t be there, you will need to make sure somebody over 18, authorized to sign the agreement on your behalf, is available.

Schedule your Viasat Installation NOW! Installing your Viasat satellite internet service typically takes two to three hours. Just schedule your installation and our team of dedicated professionals will get you up and running with your new Viasat internet service in no time!

Viasat Satellite Installation Options

Your Viasat professional installer will perform all the necessary system set up, including standard and non-standard installations to ensure you receive the fastest satellite internet speeds possible. Viasat’s certified technicians are specially trained to find the best placement for your satellite dish and securely attach it to your home. The Viasat satellite mini-dish is about 30 inches and can be mounted on the side of your home, the roof or on a secure pole mount. If you rent your house, make sure you have your landlord’s permission before your installation. If your installation requires a non-standard installation, there may be an additional charge.


The Viasat satellite DISH can usually be mounted on the roof or side of your home or on a secure pole mount.

Sloped Roof Mount
Viasat Satellite Dish Roof Mount
Wall Mount
Viasat Satellite Dish Wall Mount
Pole Mount
Viasat Satellite Dish Pole Mount


When standard installation is not possible or if your installer determines that standard installation will not give you the best connection, a non-standard option may be recommended. This includes the under eave or non-penetrating roof option.

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount
Viasat Satellite Dish Non-Penetrating Roof Mount
Under-Eave Mount
Viasat Satellite Dish Under-Eave Mount

For a better idea of how the Viasat installation process works, watch this short video:


Get Viasat's new UNLIMITED data plans today and get professional installation! All your equipment will be provided and professionally installed by a Viasat-certified technician. When you sign up for your Viasat internet service, your technician will arrive with all NEW equipment, including your Viasat satellite dish, receiver & modem. PLUS, order now and get three month's of Viasat EasyCare service FREE!

Get Viasat Internet. Here. There. Anywhere.

Get Viasat NOW! Call 1-844-4GETNET (1-844-443-8638) to find out what unlimited data plans & special offers are currently available in your area.

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