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Viasat Internet SPEEDS

How Fast Is Viasat?Viasat Internet Speeds

Whether you use a Mac, PC or a mobile device, Viasat satellite internet allows you to receive high-speed internet service for all for your internet needs no matter where you live. NOW offering even FASTER internet speeds — up to 100 Mbps in select areas — with our NEW Unlimited Data Plans.

Stream, surf, shop & share now FASTER than ever!

Getting quick, FAST, reliable access to the internet shouldn’t be restricted only to people living in cities or urban areas. Suburbs, rural and beyond — Viasat customers will enjoy the fastest most dependable satellite service available thanks to our innovative satellite communications technology. With download speeds up to 100 Mbps, you can stream music & videos and download files, photos, music and movies in mere seconds. Get FAST, reliable speeds, with NO DATA ALLOWANCE OVERAGE FEES EVER! ALL day, EVERY day — even in remote areas no other internet service or local cable company can provide.

Viasat Internet Speeds by Plan:

Viasat Internet PlansViasat satellite allows our subscribers to quickly browse the internet and stream all their favorite entertainment. Viasat satellite internet offers several service plans now with speeds up to 100 Mbps, depending on availability and where you live:

  • Bronze 12: Subscribers can enjoy even FAST speeds of 12 Mbps downstream
  • Silver 12: Subscribers can enjoy even FAST speeds of 12 Mbps downstream
  • Gold 12: Subscribers can enjoy even FAST speeds of 12 Mbps downstream
  • Silver 25: Subscribers can enjoy even FASTER speeds of 25 Mbps downstream
  • Gold 30: Subscribers can enjoy even FASTER speeds of 30 Mbps downstream
  • Gold 50: Subscribers can enjoy even FASTER speeds of 50 Mbps downstream
  • Platinum 100: NOW offered in limited areas, subscribers can enjoy our FASTEST speeds up to 100 Mbps downstream

Compare Viasat's Speeds to Other Internet Service Providers:

Viasat's Internet service dominates the competition! With blazing fast speeds up to 100 Mbps. You won't be able to match our speeds with the average DSL or any other satellite internet service provider.

Check out Viasat's download speeds & upload speeds vs the competitors:Compare Viasat Internet Speeds

Download Speed

  • Viasat: Up to 100 MBps
  • HughesNet Gen5: 25 Mbsp
  • DISH Network: 10 Mbps

Upload Speeds

  • Viasat: 3 MBps
  • Hughes Gen5: 1 Mbsp
  • DISH Network: 1 Mbps

Download Speed Comparison Table:

NOTE: Using common file types and sizes, the below table gives an indication on how fast Viasat internet service is. All download speeds are estimates.

Length & Media Type Size 1Mbps 5Mbps 10Mbps 25Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
4-minute song 4 MB 30s 5s 3s 1.2s 0.6s 0.3s
5-minute video 30 MB 3m 40s 26s 10s 5s 2.5s
9-hour audiobook 110 MB 10m 2m 1.5m 36s 18.4s 9.2s
45-minute TV show 200 MB 20m 5m 3m 1m 32s 16s
45-minute HDTV show 600 MB 1h 15m 8.5m 3.5m 1.66m 50s
2-hour movie 1.0-1.5 GB 2h 24m 21.5m 6m 3m 1.5m
2-hour HD movie 3.0-4.5 GB 6h 72m 60m 18m 9m 4.5m
Get the Viasat Advantage and get the fastest download speeds of any satellite internet provider!


Get Viasat's new UNLIMITED data plans today and get professional installation! All your equipment will be provided and professionally installed by a Viasat-certified technician. When you sign up for your Viasat internet service, your technician will arrive with all NEW equipment, including your Viasat satellite dish, receiver & modem. PLUS, order now and get three month's of Viasat EasyCare service FREE!

Get Viasat Internet. Here. There. Anywhere.

Get Viasat NOW! Call 1-844-4GETNET (1-844-443-8638) to find out what unlimited data plans & special offers are currently available in your area.

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